Name: Ferrous
Race: Half Elf
Role: Front Line, Heavy Hitter, Arcane Support
Racial Abilities: Low Light Vision, Extra edge at start
Agility D6
Strength D6
Spirit D4
Smarts D6
Vigor D8

Fighting D12
Notice D6
Spellcasting D6
Taunt D8

Arcane Background (Magic):
Nerves of Steel

Armor-Trapping: Ferrous’s skin draws upon the steel he is holding in his hand. His skin takes on a light metallic luster(on raise skin appears to be polished steel).

Boost/Lower Trait-Trappings: Ferrous draws strength from the earth below his feet and his muscles bulge with rock-like shape(for strength, vigor, or fighting skill). Soandso pales as his strength seems to leak out of him like water, dampening the earth at his feet.

Smite-Trapping: Ferrous’s blade ignites into flame shining like a torch becoming a beacon for both hope and despair.

Quirk (Mid-Fight Dialogue) (Minor)
Arrogant (Major)
Loyal (Minor)
Outsider (Minor)

Derived Statistics:
Pace 6
Toughness 8
Parry 7
Charisma -2

Leather Armor
Rusty Short Sword (str+1d6-2)
Prisoner Clothes: (Cloth Boots, Cloth Pants, Cloth Tunic, Light Cloak, Belt)
Backpack (2#)
-5 days food (1 # ea)
-2 water skins, filled (1# ea)
-3 torches (1# ea)
-Flint & Steel
-Blanket (4#)
-1 Bandage
Rusty Dagger (Dam Str+d4-2)
2 Crude Spears (Range: 3/6/12, Dam: Str+d4)


Ferrous was accompanying his employer on a mission to recover some stolen goods from a suspected thief. What Ferrous wasn’t told was that the suspected thief was a master swordsman and the rightful owner of the goods. Ferrous’s employer took advantage of his loyalty and fled while Ferrous took the rap. Ferrous thought he could take the swordsman after all. Well he was wrong, he couldn’t. His employer is the thief. And now Ferrous must pay for his misplaced trust.


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