Character Generation

The Books
Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition
Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion

If you want to read through these, feel free. I’m going to post the steps of character generation below, with the appropriate page links for relevant information.

This is a world we will be developing as we play, so there’s not going to be much to learn for a background. We will literally make it up as we go (that’s part of the fun). See the campaign background sheet for more details

1) Races (FC pg 4-6).
Allow races: Humans, Dwarfs, Elves, Half-Elves, Half-Folk (Halflings), Half-Orcs,

The Races of Arda

2) Traits (SW pg 17-18)
As per book rules.

3) Edges and Hindrances (SW pg 29-42. FC pg 8-11)
As per book rules. Any edges/hindrances that effect money/loot/starting gear is not going to be allowed. When in doubt, ask.
If you’re going to be a magical character, remember you have to take Arcane Background, and then look at the Powers list in both books to get an idea of what powers you can have.

4) Gear
Skip this section, as you’ll be issued certain gear.

Special Note Regarding Handling of Food and Water (pg 89)

Food: Food will be tracked in pounds of food. The average player will need to eat 1 pound of food each day or start worrying about the effects of starvation fatigue.

Water: Each player will need to drink 2 quarts of water a day. Failure to do so will result in dehydration and fatigue.

It is VERY important for the PC’s to keep track of their food and water resources.

Bandages: If a PC wishes to do a mundane healing check to heal a Wound, they will need a bandage. It is possible to rip up clothing to make a some of these as well (you need relatively clean clothing for this, so don’t expect to get more then one or two bandages from a full outfit)

5) Background Details
You can write a little about your character, one or two paragraphs to get a better idea of how you started. Remember they’re novices, so there’s not much you’ll have to do. Also, you may or may not be innocent of the crime you were charged with. It’s up to you, and you don’t have to tell everyone.

When in doubt ASK. It’s very likely I overlooked something.

Character Generation

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