The Races of Arda

Much of the world history will be generated by the GM and the players as we play. Therefore only general information is given in these notes about the races that populate the world.

Elves: The elves were the first born of the gods and for many years, their favorites. Mighty elven kingdoms ruled for thousands of years and soon they became arrogant and fell out of favor with the gods. This opened the way for the rest of the races to band together and overthrow the elvish rule of their lands. Despite several thousand years of peace, a great many elves are bitter about what they consider a great injustice that forced them out of their rightful place as the Favored children. The other races view the typical elf as arrogant and stuck up.

Humans: The anything and everything race of the world. When the elves fell from power, more often then not humans rushed to fill in the vacuum. They have no central ruler, but instead are divided into tribes, villages, kingdoms, and the like. Because of their great variety, many of the other races have a sense of caution around humans, as they never know what to expect.

Dwarves: The underground dwellers and miners of the world, very little is actually known about dwarven life. While the great wars against the elves were ongoing, the dwarves retreated into their mountains and hills to live an isolationist life. The only contact most of the other races have with dwarves are at small market villages setup outside their mountain cities. Some of the other races see the dwarves as stubborn and greedy, more concerned with their own affairs then anyone else. There is some hostility between dwarves and orcs/half-orcs, stemming from past instances in which one of the two enslaved the other for some time. Who was the slaver and who was the slave seems to be a matter of some confusion….

Half-Folk (Halflings): The half-folk a nomadic race, and as such have as great a variety as Humans do. Tribes of half-folk are known to travel the plains, following the herds, or work their way on the rivers fishing and transporting goods. There are woodland half-folk who are often mistaken for small elves, half-folk neighborhoods in large cities, and even rumors of half-folk in the hills who have a cannibalistic lifestyle. Despite the many different cultures they might have, all half-folk share a common trait: family/tribe is the most important thing in their lives. Adventuring half-folk will often come to think of their fellow explorers as their family and show unwavering loyalty.

Half Elves and Half Orcs: These two races tend to take on the characteristics of the society in which they were raised. While Half-Elves tend to be more generally accepted then Half-Orcs, both races are viewed as ‘the red headed step childed’ by most cultures.

The Races of Arda

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